Sunday, February 26, 2012

standing scrapbook album

 Since it is 2012 now, you must have an old 2011 calendar, I hope you haven't throw it away, coz

this "garbage" can be made into this :
 a standing scrapbook album.. what is a standing scrapbook album? well it is a scrapbook album that can stand.. hehehe... Anyway,  it is very simple so let's make it
 In addition to the old calendar, you will need:

gunting, lem PVC/lem kertas and paper of your choice, you can use the fancy scrapbook paper OR as for me, since I don't have much money to spent over a piece of paper, I use very cheap gift wrap paper that I bought in local store, yang 4 sebelah kiri itu harganya cuma Rp. 2000,- sodara-sodara (beside, the idea adalah menggunakan barang bekas supaya gak perlu keluar duit buat beli kan? he..he..)
you also need:
pen and ruler, if you have pinking shear, that will be great!

Step 1.
ukur panjang dan lebar kalender kemudian potong kertas sesuai dengan ukuran kalender, mine is 13.7 x 28 cm. You will have these
Step 2 (optional)
kl punya gunting gerigi, bisa digunting pinggirnya untuk variasi
or if you don't have one

just go free style :)
and if you have edge paper puncher, you can also use it (well, you already bought it with a lot of money, I know you do, so you have to use it if you have the chance)
 Step 3
using a stick, apply the glue into one of the page of the calendar
Or (there is a lot of "or" in this post)
 you can throw away the stick and just use your finger :D
Trus, tempelkan kertas yg sudah digunting tadi,  and do it to all the pages of the calendar back-to-back

you will have this

if you've done all the pages it means you through

now, what are you waiting for? take your photograph and your fancy embellishment, and go nuts! TTFN
did I just say nuts?

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  1. Mbak Nuniek salam kenal :)
    Ide recycle-nya kreatif sekali.